Double roller centrifugal spinning machine
2018-05-27 09:33:15

Double roller centrifugal spinning machine is developed and manufactured according to latest productivity and concrete pole plant layout plan design request.

Double roller concrete spinning pole machine can work with two concrete spun pole molds once at time which request more electric power to supply.  Because it can load two molds once a time, so the productivity is higher than single roller type centrifugal spinning machine with one mold.

From the structure, the bearing pedestal and spinning machine base are made of ZG270-500 good quality casting steel to resist the high frequency impact force from the heavy type concrete spun pole mold.  To make sure high precision for installation of spinning machines, the base surface both sides are processed with lathe so that the anchor bolts are not easy to get loosen.  And the holding collar of centrifugal spinning machine wheel can be disassembled easily.