Automatic steel bar cutting machine
2018-09-18 09:45:17
Automatic Prestressed Steel wire straightening and cutting machine is used to straightening prestressed steel wire and pc bar, and then cut into the required length with high precision controlled by hydraulic system. It can do a preparatory work for the steel wire cage welding machine.
Hydraulic prestressed steel wire cutting machine is widely accepted to the factory who is dealing prestressed steel wire, HT wire, and PC bar which used in prestressed concrete electric pole, concrete phc piles. Also widely used in construction field.
Features of Prestressed steel wire straightening and cutting machine
  1. easly and safe to operate
  2. Long work life
  3. Good continuity
  4. Low cutting error
  5. High efficiency
  6. Different lengths and numbers are remembered by the machine
  7. Hydraulic cut off, high accuracy but low noise
  8. Covering less space, convenient to move and install
  9. Running steadily, easy to maintain, exchange parts are available
  10. Alter number and length without shutting
  11. Number of machines can be operated by one worker at a time