Concrete Pole Machine

Concrete spun pole mold is used for concrete pole production in modern industry.

Its manufacturing process is reinforced steel tendon plate with hoop steel tendon plate according to national standard.

In the manufacture process, the concrete pipe form rotates along with the centrifugal spinning machine.

Under the action of centrifugal force, concrete is uniformed covered on the inner wall of the mould. The concrete pipe form is an easy to operate and efficient device for producing concrete pipe.

Concrete Pile Machine

Double roller centrifugal spinning machine is developed and manufactured according to latest productivity and concrete pole plant layout plan design request.

Double roller concrete spinning pole machine can work with two concrete spun pole molds once at time which request more electric power to supply. Because it can load two molds once a time, so the productivity is higher than single roller type centrifugal spinning machine with one mold.

Concrete Pipe Machine

As an important automatic machine, concrete pole feeding machine is designed to disperse mixed concrete into the concrete pole mold. The concrete feeding machine increase pole production efficiency and save labor’s working strength. Additionally, the boards on both side of the track prevent the concrete splashing and waste.

The automatic concrete pile feeding machine are made up of walking device, material system, pneumatic pipes and electrical control parts etc.

Main Products

The patented cage welding machine is mainly applied for welding steel cages that are used in reinforced concrete poles, prestressed concrete poles and partially prestressed concrete poles.

With a full automatic system, the reinforcing cage welding machine realized fast and quick production. During the manufacture process, the cage rotates synchronously along with the feeding, welding and discharging parts.